Monday, September 24, 2001

Well, this will be my first post. The main reason I wanted to start something like this is because of the little things in life that I get sick of (there might be some positive stuff in this at some point) . I guess I should probably get a few things straight first.

1) I'm not good at editing. Any, and all mistakes made just ignore and pretend you didn't see them. :)

2) I'm just posting my opinion, I don't want to fight with anyone.. I already do that with my wife.

3) Noone is forcing you to read this, if you don't like what you read then go somewhere else.

Time to start having some fun... now I gotta go post this so I can see what it looks like... (I'm such a rookie [i.e. n00b] at this).

*Update* I found another service to use... I will cease posting here for now. Possibly indefinitely.